Great News From OWWA TO OFWs—Free Transportation?

OWWA or Overseas Workers Welfare Administration is, according to its website, an agency attached to Department of Labor and Employment. This agency's responsibility is to protect and promote the welfare and well-being of all Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs, including their dependents.

This interesting email, sent to me by a friend, is about the free transportation or special ride for all OFWs from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to any point in the Philippines. This is OWWA's move to show that they do care for our beloved OFWs.

I just learned that OFWs need to pay a membership fee of at least $25 (as of 2007 report) to the OWWA's office before they leave the country to work abroad. This fee is said to fund an insurance scheme that would assist OFWs when they need medical service.

Okay I'm not going to further talk about the core responsibilities of OWWA or add another definition for OFWs.

All OFWs, when they come home, can benefit from this free ride offered by OWWA. In spite of the ongoing economic crisis, our government managed to pay tribute to all hard working Filipinos abroad.

The picture is the test run for the free ride service offered by OWWA to all OFWs.

Free Ride: From OWWA to OFW Although the purpose of this email is to lighten up the mood of all serious recipients, this free ride is surely an environment-friendly transportation.

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