Eliminate Swine Flu Plus Happy Independence Day

Philippine Flag

(Image from doomet.com) When will swine flu going to stop or how to eliminate swine flu? I don’t know. Since it's caused by a virus, specifically influenza A H1N1 virus, antibiotic cannot be used to fight against it. But I guess boosting immune system can help to eliminate swine flu.

As of date, the Philippines has pegged 92 confirmed cases of swine flu.

In Asia alone:
Hong Kong – as of Thursday, 61 cases of swine flu has already been reported.
Australia- on late Wednesday has reported 1,275 cases of AH1N1.
New Zealand has 27 cases.
Malaysia has a total of 11 cases of swine flu virus.

Worldwide: 27, 737 in 74 countries

…and counting. Source The Canadian press

I just hope that the Department of Health's plan of putting up a Polymerase Chain Reaction laboratory will push through so that the specimen will no longer have to travel elsewhere. This will definitely speed up the process. The personnel for the said laboratory will undergo rigid training under the supervision of the DOH.

On the other hand, Happy 111th Philippine Independence Day on June 12, 2009—ako mismo!

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