What I Know About The Philippines: By An American

To be completely honest, like most Americans, I don't know much about the country or culture of the Philippines. I know it's a small island or country located in the Pacific Ocean. I know it's somewhere South of Japan and North of Australia. And I believe there was a US military base located there at one time (maybe it's still there.)

After I was asked to write an article describing my knowledge of the country, I considered searching “Philippines” in Google before writing the entry. I could have used the information found in a Wikipedia page to comment on the history, politics, and social mores of the country. But I wanted this to be honest.

Don't take offense by my lack of knowledge about your country. Most Americans don't know much about any other country besides our own. Most are too consumed with day-to-day survival to get the opportunity to travel or learn about other places. Most of us are very simple folk. We wake up, go to work, pay pills, raise families and repeat. The people depicted in movies or TV represent a very small minority in America. These are the people obsessed with butt augmentation, breast implants, and other forms of cosmetic surgery.

I would like to visit the Philippines some day. I've had the opportunity to do a bit of traveling in my life and always find it interesting how many questions people have about the United States and our views on politics. But until I get the chance to visit in person, I'll do a quick Google search to learn more about the country online.

Yours Truly

Jack Edmund
An Average American

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