Bench Blackout—Denim And Underwear Show

Bench Blackout Marco Alcaraz

Bench's denim and underwear show is held every two years. And this year's theme is dubbed as Bench Blackout. This is already the fourth edition. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to witness such a big and filled-with-hot-guys event (too bad for my friend, his SD card containing photos of Bench Blackout was confiscated).

Among the Filipino celebrities turned Bench models who participated in the Bench Blackout event are Dingdong Dantes, Sam Milby, Diether Ocampo, and of course my cousin Marco Alcaraz (his father and my father are cousins).

This Bench Blackout denim and underwear show is not only for women to scream while the guys with well-chiseled abs are walking down the runway but it is also for guys to cheer on their favorite female celebrities.

Hopefully, in the next edition of Bench denims and underwear show, I'll be able to personally see and hear the screams emitted by the audience while those male models are showing off their enviable abs.

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