At Last! Waiters Revealed Their Secrets—Things You Are Not Aware Of

You may know every food that your favorite restaurant serves but not the secrets of how their waiters prepare your food.

These secrets were revealed by anonymous waiters through RD Asia magazine. You may be surprised after knowing these things but they may be true.

1. Dining out during holidays is not advisable. Why? Large number of customers may cause restaurants to produce low-quality dish. Some plates may not even be washed properly during these days.

2. Sick leave is not allowed in a restaurant business. If a waiter has a flu, he needs to go out and work. Just imagine the virus that he has while preparing your food.

3. Customers are always right but do not bicker with a waiter. These waiters may spit in your food, as part of their vengeance.

4. Not all waiters are friendly. If you have found one, then always sit near his section. Tell your friends about this guy so they will ask for his service too. In this way, he will feel elated and will serve you better.

5. Do not dine in 15-30 minutes before the restaurant's closing time. During this time, dishwater is already spraying cleaning solvents near the area where your food is being prepared. So you will end up eating those carcinogenic compounds found in their cleaning materials.

These secrets of waiters may not be true to all restaurants… or I may just be in denial upon knowing these things.

Source: RD Asia Magazine
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