Megan Fox And Her Clubbed Thumb

Megan Fox clubbed thumb
Finally, I'm not alone in this world. Twenty thousand people (and counting) are also curious about Megan Fox's thumb/s. Even Mike Krumboltz had something to say about Megan Fox's unattractive clubbed thumb (short thumb and bulbous at the end). I first saw it on The Transformers when my friend, who was sitting beside me, reacted with a comment -- "Eew, awful thumb."

Although Megan Fox is undeniably sexy with seductive eyes, but she, like everybody else, has flaws.

For instance, Gisele Bundchen is labeled as the sexiest and the most beautiful person on earth... but only when she wears her makeup. When she doesn't, she looks like an old lady with a horse-face.

These celebrities, including Megan Fox, are not perfect but because of science (and photoshop) their physical/body flaws are hidden or removed to make them more appealing or attractive to people.

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