Full-Length Swimwear By Speedo Is On My Wish List

contourback styling of Speedo
This contourback styling of Speedo is similar to the swimsuit that I'm wearing. But because my back, arms, and legs are overly exposed to the sun using that suit, I'm now looking for a full-length swim suit (long leg and arm length) to cover my entire body except my face, neck, hands, and feet.
Women's Incense Long Leg Swimsuit of Speedo Then, I saw this Women's Incense Long Leg Swimsuit of Speedo which would fully suit my needs. Unfortunately, this full length swim suit of Speedo doesn't fit my budget (£50). However, rash guard paired with leggings made from nylon can be a good alternative to Speedo's long leg, arm length swim suit, according to my swimming instructor. And it is a relief knowing that rash guards and leggings are not as costly as Speedo's swimsuit.

But I would still buy that full-length swimsuit of Speedo, when money is no longer an issue. :)