Review Of Susan Boyle's Album

Susan Boyle

Watch out Madonna. Susan Boyle's version of You'll See is way better than yours. She has put more soul to it, especially in this part: "You think that I can never laugh again, you'll see." I'm sure Susan is laughing her way after her album I Dreamed A Dream has been considered one of the fastest-selling albums of the decade.

If you listen to Susan Boyle's I Dreamed A Dream, you will never think that she's a 40-something lady.

But do not try to play Susan Boyle's I Dreamed A Dream while driving as it encourages sleep.

Songs in this album include:

Wild Horses
I Dreamed A Dream
Cry Me A River
How Great Thou Art
You'll See
Daydream Believer
Up To The Mountain
Amazing Grace
Who Was I Born To Be
The End Of The World Silent Night

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  1. will this be on sale here in the Philippines? i love susan and her cover of "you'll see"...

  2. Hello johnonline,

    Yes, it is already available in any Philippine local music stores.

    Thank you for dropping by.


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