Nothing But The Truth Movie

Nothing But The Truth, Kate Beckinsale
If you were a reporter, how long could you keep your source's identity? This was the gist of Nothing But The Truth movie. Rachel Armstrong (Kate Beckinsale who was named by Esquire Magazine as the sexiest woman alive) was imprisoned for not disclosing the identity of her source after her article about the findings of a covert CIA operative hit the newsstand.

At first I could not understand Rachel's adamancy in Nothing But The Truth movie that caused her husband to accidentally fall in love with another woman while Rachel's still in prison. The last time she saw her son was on the first day of her incarceration and she hasn't seen him since then. She's willing to give up everything just to protect her source's identity.

If I were Rachel, I think I would hand over the identity of my main source to the FBI to avoid durance. But not Rachel. Her reason? You better watch Nothing But The Truth movie to better understand Rachel's stance.

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