Surviving Cancer Blog: An Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Surviving Cancer

After a few months of persuading my confidante, G finally said "yes" to my proposal—start a blog that will chronicle her struggle, as well as, her triumph against the pesky ovarian cancer.

Her first post narrates her first encounter with the big C—cancer of the ovary. My memory of her in that clean-shaven head while she's on chemotherapy is still fresh. Like G, I, too, could not believe cancer would invade her strong but slim-built body.

Cancer is no stranger to us. Both G and I attended the same school in college. Both of us are graduates of college degrees related to medicine. Our knowledge about cancer is extensive, I could say. But I guess that same knowledge alone did not assist her from stopping that deadly thing.

Fortunately, G and my father, a prostate cancer victim, are living in this world with advanced technology at arm's reach. Through the latest innovative technology that we have now, we are slowly winning the fight against cancer.

I encourage you to explore her blog and learn more about how to win against ovarian cancer.

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