Going to Agohay Beach Camiguin

Even though summer is over here in the Philippines, beach hopping is not yet over for me because I have not yet visited the natural paradise of Camiguin Island.

The exquisite Camiguin island has native cottages and multi-purpose building. Its fine beaches provide relaxation in front of clear blue water. It also houses enchanting marine life and coral reefs that entice diving enthusiasts, like me.

Oh, by the way, Camiguin Island is located in Mindano. And yes it is safe to go there.

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  1. There are loads of places to go and do in the island, there are hot and cold springs also. Great place to get some relaxation. And one more thing, I would suggest not to go there during summer months, kinda bit crowded.

  2. Hello Cagayan De Oro Resorts,

    Thanks for the information and thank you again for visiting.


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