Best Places to Travel in the Philippines

Where are the best places to travel in the Philippines this summer?

Philippines isn’t only known as the home country of Manny Pacquiao but it’s also renowned as a country with beautiful, perfect beaches, mountains, lakes, etc.

Some travelers are still hesitant to travel in this country because of its “bad” image. But, for those who have travelled here, they know that the country is incomparable to the rest of the countries in Asia.

I’m not saying that because I’m from the Philippines. If you’re planning a trip to my country, here are some of the best places to travel and stay.

1. Best places to travel in the Philippines: Scream Park Manila

From the term suggests, it’s a theme park for those who wish to scream and be scared. If you want to experience how to be walking with zombies, you should try it out. You’ll feel like you’re in the set of “Walking Dead.” But you’re forbidden to touch them.

When you go there, you need to survive its three scare mazes, namely The White House, The Undead – Hungry for your Flesh and the Asylum of Terror.

2. Best places to travel in the Philippines: Sky Ranch Tagaytay

It’s made for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers. Located in Tagaytay, Sky Ranch offers a lot of exciting attractions. That would include the Sky Eye, which is a towering giant that lets you see all the sights when you’re at the top of it.

Super Viking is also a great attraction. For kid-friendly attractions, they can see Mini Viking, Carousel, Wonder Flight, and so on.

3. Best places to travel in the Philippines: Sandbox Pampanga

After you’re done being excited and thrilled at Sky Ranch and you want more, you can go straight to Sandbox Pampanga. It’s the latest destination in the North and it features a lot of thrill rides and activities designed for outgoing people, like you.

One of its attractions is the Ride the Avatar One, which is a rollercoaster zipline. The up and down slopes and sharp turns make the ride more thrilling.

The Aerial Walk is another activity you shouldn’t miss at Sandbox. It’s an obstacle course that tests your physical strength.

4. Best places to travel in the Philippines: Costa Pacifica Baler

It’s in Baler. And we all know how beautiful this place is. Drive is long, about eight hours. But you’ll enjoy it scenic views.

Costa Pacifica Baler is located right at the shore, making it a perfect place for surfers (and surfer wannabe).

The resort is captivating. You’ll feel like you’re staying in Bali’s Potato Head Beach Club and Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

5. Best places to travel in the Philippines: City of Dreams Manila

After Baler, you can go back to Manila and stay at the City of Dreams. Located in Aseana Avenue, City of Dreams consists of three hotels, restaurants and more.

It has leisure and lifestyle shops, plus dining options.

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