Where is Philippines Located? Some Facts About the Philippines

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Where is Philippines located? Well, this country is not like the US or Great Britain in which foreigners do not have to wonder of its exact location. Some people do not even know the existence of this third-world country.  

So, where is Philippines?

It is sitting in the Southeastern part of Asia. Its 7,107 islands are located between the Philippine Sea and South China Sea. On its east is Vietnam.

Getting to know the country

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. It may not be the most important thing when learning where is Philippines but knowing it makes a big difference.

Filipino (Tagalog) and English are the two official languages of this country. Tagalog is mostly spoken by Filipinos living in Luzon. The English language is the medium of instruction being used. For that reason, language is not a major barrier when visiting this country.

Choose Philippines

Language. Because people here speak English, foreigners do not have to learn Tagalog within a fixed time frame. Still, when learning where is Philippines, it would be best to know a little Tagalog. Just like visiting France, you will also have to learn how to speak La Francais even if it is just un peu

Filipinos. Another reason you should choose Philippines on your next foreign trip is the Filipinos. They (we) are known for being friendly and hospitable. In fact, they (we) can sleep on the floor in order to offer you their (our) most comfortable bed. This is to make sure that your stay will be more enjoyable and memorable.

Climate. The country has only two distinct seasons: summer and rainy seasons. Generally, people living here enjoy warm climate all year round.

Tourist destinations. When getting to know where is Philippines located at, foreigners will be bombarded with information about the 7,107 islands in the country. It could be a bit harder to choose the best islands to live or stay in the Philippines. To narrow the options down, you will be left with Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Do not worry, every option has something different, exciting to offer to all foreign and local tourists.

The best way to get to know where is Philippines located at is to visit this archipelago and experience the reasons foreigners keep on coming back to this country. In fact, some of them have decided to live and stay here for a lifetime.

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