How to Make a Book: 9 Important Steps on How to Make a Book

how to make a book

I want to make a book and publish it. This is one of my ultimate goals. The problem is I do not know how to make a book. I have plenty of ideas but I am not sure if they are great. If you, too, want to know how to make a book, we can learn together by following the steps below.

Brainstorm. This is the most important step on how to make a book. According to experts, you need to know what you want to write about. Then, write everything on paper. Gather every idea that comes in your head, be it good or bad.

Choose one idea. After collecting different ideas, you need to pick one and focus on that.

Make a storyboard. Drawing pictures or making notes is your next step on how to make a book, after choosing an idea on what to write. Pictures and notes will help you see the flow of the story.

Write a draft. After making a storyboard, you are now ready to compose your first draft. The draft should be free of unnecessary words or actions. It has to entertain the readers and keep their interest up to the last page.

Read it out loud.Hearing how your story sounds allows you to know if the flow of the story makes sense.

Improve the draft. This is where you need to eliminate unnecessary details and find or use better words to make your story more amusing.

Rewrite your draft. In here, you will write another draft and put together different ideas to improve the story.

Illustrate. Designing and illustrating your book will come next when you are satisfied with your words.

Share your book. After you have made the necessary illustration, you are now ready to publish and share your book.

The steps mentioned above on how to make a book may seem easy but applying each of them may be a bit difficult, especially if you do not have focus on how to make a book.

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