How to Increase Height -- Ways to Help You Improve Your Height

How to increase height?

Although I am already considered as "tall," somehow, I still wish to be as tall as Gisele Bundchen or Maria Sharapova. For that reason, I am studying these tips about how to get taller. 
  • Eat healthy foods. By healthy means following a diet full of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Plate must be filled with lean meat, fish, and eggs. Cutting out coffee and tea may also help in increasing the height. 
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours each night. A lack of sleep is one of the reasons people do not grow properly. The body will not grow if the person stays up all night all the time. Inadequate amount of sleep can only slow the growth. 
  • Exercise. This is another tip on how to increase height. There are plenty of exercises a person can perform to gain height. These will include stretching and cardio exercises. 
  • Stop taking synthetic medicines. Synthetic drugs are said to inhibit the growth of a person. In order to avoid being sick, it is advisable to eat healthy food and perform regular exercises. In this way, a person can avoid taking synthetic medicine. 
How about natural supplements? Some natural supplements promise to help in gaining height. But most of them are ineffective, unfortunately. 

Because each person is different, these tips on how to increase height may or may not help you gain more inches in height. 

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