Canon Camera -- Canon EOS 6D Features And Benefits

Canon EOS 6D

This Canon camera weighs only 1.7 pounds, i.e. without a lens. Compared with a full frame DSLR, you can really say that it is a compact one. This model can only be used with APS-C cameras. The 6D is void of flash but you can use an external one.

This model has integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. This means that you can share your photos directly from this device to another Canon Wi-Fi camera. You can also send the photos taken using this device to a Wi-Fi enabled printer. Through its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can view your photos through a DLNA device.

Another thing that you can do with the said feature is the fact that you can send your photos directly to your Facebook, YouTube or Facebook account via the Canon Image Gateway service. But the said service can only be utilized right after setting up the EOS Utility application on your computer. After set up, you can link your social networking accounts.

How is its performance?
Compared with other high-end models, the 6D is a bit slow. It takes 4.2 frames per second for continuous shooting. But the slowness depends on the file format and your card speed. If you shoot photos in JPG, you will not notice any slowdown.

Who can benefit from this Canon camera? 
Any photographic enthusiast can take advantage of the features of this model. However, if you are looking for a camera to shoot events, then you might want to consider other options, like Nikon D800 (which I love). This camera is great only if you want a full-frame DSLR but cheaper.

With 4.5 fps
Excellent image quality
Integrated GPS and Wi-Fi
Supports USB tethering
Full frame sensor

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