Haircuts And Hair Styles: Ways To Finally Have That Hair Cut That You Have In Mind

Getting fabulous haircuts and hair styles is not as easy as tearing a photo out of a magazine and showing it to your stylist. Follow these tips to make sure that the next time you walk out of the salon, you have the same style that you had in mind when you walked in.

1. Do a bit of research. 
Not all stylists are the same. You may ask around to know the reputation of that stylist. You can also search his/her name online to read useful reviews from his/her other clients.

2. Avoid sticking to the style you see on a magazine photo.
You must remember that the style from the magazine that you want to have involve hours of professional hair styling. This makes that cut completely different when done in less than an hour.

Instead of setting your heart on one particular style, you must talk to your stylist first. He/she may have some suggestions about similar looks that you can possibly have, which is more flattering for your type of face.

3. Do not be overly talkative to your hairstylist. 
It is perfectly okay to make small talk but do not go overboard. Your stylist must be relaxed while cutting your hair and he/she must get into a groove. If you ask too many technical questions, you can break the rhythm of the cut. So, if you have some concerns about the haircuts and hair styles that you want, you should ask them before the cutting starts.

4. Let him/her know what you mean by an inch. 
Instead of telling him/her "four inches," you must physically show him/her how short you want him/her to cut your hair. You may also show him a photo that completely illustrates what you are referring to.

5. Be honest with yourself. 
If you have a busy lifestyle and you do not have time maneuvering a brush so you can pull those layers back, you must not ask for such hair style.  

6. Avoid playing the blame game. 
If you did not like the cut, you must talk to your hair stylist about other options. If the style is really atrocious, it would probably be best to let it grow out a bit or pay for a better stylist to fix your bad hair.

Haircuts and hair styles that you see on a magazine are not always real. It would be better to select a style that fits your lifestyle and the shape of your face.

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