Sandal With Style - Rules That You Must Follow

A sandal with style lets your feet breathe during this summer season. For men, sandals do not have to be too feminine or downright ugly. When it comes to men's sandals, there are rules that you have to follow so you can stride to the shore or come to your office on a summer Friday in style.

1. Avoid stout sandal
It may be comfortable but it does not look like a sandal with style. Rather, it looks more like a full-on shoe that has oddball cutouts. If you are taking a hike, you must use a pair of real boots instead.

2. Do not cover it up with socks. 
Sock and sandal do not combine effectively (or fashionably).

3. Leave slip-ons at home. 
When outside of your home, you must avoid wearing athletic slip-ons.

4. Choose a sandal with a cross strap. 
It is simple yet stylish. The straps can hold your foot in place. It is a perfect sandal that you can have that let your toes be comfortable while wearing it. But do not go for faux-leather types as you are risking yourself of looking like someone from a retirement home.

5. Wear a Brazilian thong
Havaina and Ipanema are two brands of flip-flops that you must consider when looking for a sandal with style. A Brazilian thong is a soft rubber sandal that does not let you look like a cheap dog. Havaianas and Ipanema are inexpensive and they are available in different colors.

Although flip-flops are great at the beach, you must not wear them in the office.

6. Go for a sandal with style that is made of high quality materials. 
When it comes to sandals, you must always splurge on quality. You must choose a brand that allows you to wear the sandal with style at the beach or on the streets. You can wear it with shorts or jeans or pair it with a polo shirt.

Through a men's sandal with style, you can easily show a little skin while walking in a beach or strolling in a park. You just need to choose the right pair and make sure you have a foot-freshening session.

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