Southwest Airlines - 5 Ways To Get A Better Seat

Unlike other airlines that assign you an exact seat upon check-in, Southwest Airlines does not. The said company is following a unique process that people may love or hate. In this process, you will be given a boarding number. Then, once you are inside the plane, you can opt for any open seat. You will love it if you like choosing who you want to sit next to. But you will surely hate it if you do not want the anxiety you may feel not knowing where you are going to sit.

Based on the experiences of other passengers, they rated A1 to be the best and C60 to be the worst seat. Unless you are the last person to board, there are a few tricks that you can do to get a better seat.

1. Avoid the C group. 
This is the worst group. However, if you end up in the C group, you just have to take the first window or the aisle seat. Next time, you have to check in earlier so you can avoid this seating group position.

2. Find a center seat
If the flight is full and you are assigned in the C group, you just have to find a center seat.

3. Get the front seat.
Upon boarding, you must choose the first window or the aisle seat and avoid walking up to the back of the plane hoping to find a premium seat.

4. Avoid the empty row. 
Taking a new row increases your chances of sitting next to a couple or a child with a parent. Some kids do pee in their seats and pretty sure you do not like that.

5. Avoid the exit row. 
Exit row offers leg room but it fills up easily. If you are hoping no one would sit next to you, then avoid this row. However, if you prefer leg room, then you must go for it.

Despite the unique seating process of Southwest Airlines, 8 out of 10 passengers considered this as a highly-recommended airline. Seat comfort and staff service are excellent. The company offers free drinks and flights are (usually) on time.

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