Can You Still Find Affordable Maldives Tour Package?

The Maldives is an exotic, beautiful country. Before, it wasn't possible to travel there on a budget. Now, you can find guesthouses located on the local islands. They offer budget travelers an affordable way to explore the beauty of this country. So, yes. You can find affordable Maldives tour package now. A $1,000 budget isn't bad for one person who wants to stay there for four nights. 

A few years ago, flights to Maldives would cost you around $2000. Then, you’d have to make another budget of $300 a night for hotel rooms. That said, the money that you could spend here could be spent on a longer trip and visit several countries in Asia. 

But things are changing now. Maldives opens its doors to budget travelers and allows them to export it without having to worry about money. 

Budget Travel 

Budget travel in this country is still new. In general, tourism is relatively new to this country. Its first resort opened in 1973. For more than 30 years, the only way to go there is through expensive island resorts. 

But the government changed its regulations. It now allows guesthouses to open on local islands. That is, tourists can now stay with locals so they can have an insight of what life has to offer in this country. 

In 2014, Tiger Airways introduced a budget Maldives tour package. It launched four flights per week to the country’s capital — Male. For only $450, you can have a round trip flight from the Philippines to Male. 

Unfortunately, the trip can take around 14 hours. It includes a five-hour stop in Singapore. Fortunately, the Singapore airport has enough attractions that let you keep yourself busy. 

One of the major costs of touring the country is transfer through a seaplane. That’s because the majority of Maldives is covered with water. Its 1,200 islands are scattered over the 298 square kilometers. 

No booze 

The Maldives is an Islamic country and it prohibits alcohol and pork consumption. You also have to dress conservatively. 

When you choose an affordable Maldives tour package, you must not expect a five-star accommodation. However, the accommodation is mostly clean and new. And yes, you can expect it to have cable TV and Wi-Fi. 

If you go to an inhabited island where Islamic laws apply, you can’t find or eat pork. You also can’t swim in your bikini.

Budget guesthouses offer good value for only $30 a night. With this price, you can have a spacious room, with hot shower, free breakfast, and snorkeling gear, among others. 

One of the best budget places you can stay is at the Water Breeze Guesthouse in Maafushi. Per night is only $61.71. The owner here is lovely, and the breakfast it serves was enormous. 

Cheap transport 

Local ferries can run around $2 for a three-hour journey. Visiting a resort requires riding on a speedboat. But it’s quite expensive. Per person is around $280 for a 450-minute journey. 

If you’re planning to obtain an affordable Maldives tour package, you must make sure that you’re traveling with a group of friends to divide the cost.