6 Best Countries To Visit Right Now

6 Best Countries To Visit Right Now

Time and money are two of the most common reasons people do not travel. But traveling does not always mean you need billions of pesos. All you need is a bit of cash to get going. Do not worry. The world will still be here. No one has ever said and wished that they have traveled less so they could put longer hours working. 

As to where you are going, we have listed here some of the best countries you must visit right now while you are still young. 


The French know how to make the most of their leisure time. When you visit France, you want to go to Paris. Cross the Eiffel Tower or go to Notre Dame. Then, head to Lyon, which is the second largest city in this country. And if you are a wine lover, you must not forget to visit Bordeaux or Burgundy. You can also make a stop on the French Riviera. 


Next is Italy. It has everything that you want. Art, beaches, mountains and best food. You name it; the country has it. In a matter of days, you can hit different cities. But the first place you must go is in Florence to San Gimignano. This country is a genuine treasure. Italy offers overwhelming community and culture. The residents here only want to eat good food and drink Chianti while loving their country. 


You should go there while you are still young so you could climb Kilimanjaro. Since it is the tallest mountain in Africa, you need a good set of heart and lungs. Reaching the summit can take up to nine days. But it will depend on the route you take. When reaching the top, you will feel like you are on a plane as you get through glaciers, snow, and wooden sign. 


Going to this country is cheap. Even if you come from the Philippines, you do not need a huge amount of money to go there. When going there, head first to Medellin. Then, enjoy the hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal before heading to Cocora Valley. Colombia is a country where the past mixes with the present. At the top of South America, you can see the Andes coming to meet Caribbean beaches and dance all night in Cali, which is famous for its dancing. 


Known as the Land of Smiles, Thailand offers cheap adventure. But, just because it is cheap does not mean that it cannot provide you unforgettable holiday. However, you should go there during the hot season. When you choose to travel to Thailand, make sure to head to Bangkok first as it offers some of the greatest food in the world. From Bangkok, you can go to the cooler mountain terrain in the North. Or you can go south and swim to its perfect beaches. 


It is closer to the Philippines. But you must go there while you are still young because of its rugged terrain. It has enchanting landscape and fascinating history. You must start in Ho Chi Minh City. The country may be known for its congested traffic and aggressive touts. However, this country has something exciting to offer.