TripAdvisor’s Top Travel Destinations For 2018

TripAdvisor revealed its top destinations and the white beaches of Ishigaki, Japan won the number one rank in the world. 

Each year, the travel website recognizes 44 destinations in the world by measuring the palces with positive traveler review ratings for their restaurants, attractions, and accommodations, among others. 

Ishigaki, Japan

When you translate the name to English, it means “stone wall.” But it’s not a stone wall as water surrounds the island. It has white, beautiful beaches and attractive coral reefs. Hence, a favorite diving spot in Asia and around the world. It’s not only known for its water, but it’s also popular for its soba noodles, which is called Yaeyama soba. The type of noodles is made of flour, rather than buckwheat. 

This stunning white island is a top trending travel destination for this year. For an overnight stay in a hotel in this city, expect to spend around PHP 7,600. But you can opt to stay at its best-rated hotel, Art Hotel Ishigaki. 

Ishigaki, Japan is being considered as the new Bali or Hawaii. Its international tourism is increasing. In fact, its number of visitors rose to 8.77 million. 

Takayama, Japan

Filled with exciting attractions and sights, Takayama in Japan is the gateway to the hiking paradise of the country. The city is situated in the beautifully preserved district of Sanmachi Suji. When you go to its nearby places, you’ll find incredible old homes, exquisite temples, and shrines. A short drive away, you can go to the Unesco World Heritage Site of Shirakawa-go. In here, you’ll find various houses in their original setting. And not far to its east, you’ll find the peaks of the Japan Alps. 

Busan, South Korea

It’s the second largest city in the country. Busan offers a lot of things for travelers who are nature lovers. It has hot springs, hiking trails, and beautiful beaches. On the other hand, if you’re a cultural buff, you’ll surely appreciate its museums, historical buildings, and templates. The Gamcheon Cultural Village or Machu Picchu of Busan is also located here. You must not miss visiting the place as you’ll surely appreciate the vibrant alleyways. Its residents decorated them with mural and sculptures. 

Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

Its temples, palaces, and cultural sites are traces of French colonial history. Outside the city, you’ll experience the somber past of the town. At night, you’ll find the place to be lively. What’s great about traveling here is that even if you have a limited budget, you’ll still appreciate its extensive yet reasonably priced accommodations. 

Nantou County, Taiwan 

Home to the country’s highest peak, Yushan, Nantou County offers mountainous ranges and scenic lakes, not to mention, its lush forests. Visit its cultural villages and temples to learn more about its locals. At the Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Villages, you’ll find aboriginal communities and learn about them.

Other interesting entries on the list would include Nairobi. For travelers, this city offers an energetic atmosphere that can give you a fascinating introduction to nightlife and wildlife. Casablanca is also included in the top 10. It’s known for its thriving culture and Art Deco villas.