Amityville: Houses Don't Have Memories

After numerous attempts, with enough courage I have mustered, I am finally through watching The Amityville Horror. I know it's hard to imagine that a grown up like me would still get scared (out of my wits) just by watching horror films.

If put under the microscope, the movie wasn’t that terrifying but every time there's a frightening scene coupled with scary sound effects, it still gave me the creeps, stimulated my "erector pili muscle" and experienced "tachycardia."

And yet, the questions in my mind: Are ghosts real? Am I alone in this room while I'm writing this "post?" If I'm going to die, will my soul be sauntering through the city… scaring people?

Therefore, to ascertain the existence of a supernatural being, I want to go through "a once in a lifetime adventure,"- GHOST HUNTING-

So who wants to join me in this quest?



  1. I used to have a job right there in Amityville. They say it's just those urban legends.
    Thanks for commenting on my site. Pls. come back again or fave me.

  2. this movie scared the shit out of me. i watched it with my middle school classmates and we all screamed our guts out.

  3. Watch Sinister. The best horror movie with the scary ending.


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