Reasons Why Women Are Special

These are the reasons why women are special. And guys… you have to pay attention.

1. We can wear both skirts and shorts.
2. There’s “women’s day” but no “men’s day.”
3. We can be sure that the baby is ours. Men can never be sure.
4. We get to cry and still look good. When men cry, they look like dorks.
5. Most of all, we know the difference between a comfort room and a wall.

So, guys… do you concur?

And ladies... are you with me?


  1. Sure, but can twenty of you use the same orinola at the same time?

  2. 1. We can wear skirts, they're called Kilts.
    2. We don't get visits from Aunt Floe too.
    3. You got us there... We're not even sure it's ours even if you say it is.
    4. Hey... I don't look like a dork when I cry.
    5. What's a comfort room?

  3. yikes dom, and thats the bestest way to spread bacteria and virus, what a good role model. i dont know how you guys can even do that, if you really are doing that.

    hey, no offense ok.:)

    peace !!!!!

  4. tian,

    it's a blessing to have a visit with Aunt Floe coz our body is being cleansed. our blood is being cleaned, the impurities of our body is being released and removed. how bout u guys? u cannot say your body is being cleaned or cleansed. And its God's gift to bring a life in this world, can u bring a life in this world? u cant.

    fyi, comfort room another term for bath rooms or rest rooms.

    just a reaction ok. peace man!!!!!!

  5. All I can say women should never prove that they're the stronger sex because we already are. It doesn't need to be proved. The greatest strength is our capacity to bear children and the ability to express emotions. That is why women outlive men.


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