I'm Breaking Up with Vista

I said "yes" to him a year ago, when I purchased a brand new system unit.
>Processor: 1.6 Ghz Intel Dual Core
>Motherboard: EMAXX 945
>RAM Size: 2Gb DDR2
>Video Card: 256 MB 7200 GS

With his sleekness, improved features, and useful tools like my favorite snipping tool (for technical support stuff), I fell for him easily.

However, days after installing him, he's been showing "tantrums" (blue screen) every time I played video or music. So, I replaced my motherboard with Gigabyte (after troubleshooting).

We were doing okay at first but one day, he's been showing tantrums again. I contacted Gigabyte's technical support for some advice. They told me to update my BIOS through the installer they've sent.

He was okay with it. Though he's been showing tantrums once in a while, it was bearable. But last week, for three straight days (or so), he's been "crashing" once or twice, even 4x a day after I reformatted him, wherefore adversely affected my job.

I don’t know what to do anymore.

I "fed" him with updates, "dressed" him with SP1, and "scoured" him every three months by reformatting. But to no avail.

Now, I'm planning to break up with him and go back to my "ex-P." XP has less hardware incompatibility issues (I just thought). Ergo, more stable and more mature, though not so much in appearance.

If he's not going to patch up things with me, I'm really going to leave and replace him. But I love him… we've been together for a year now.

Oh Vista, I hate that I love you so.


  1. My advice, get a Mac. :)

  2. @Dom- I'm considering it as an option (starting to back up my files).
    @Web-Betty- Yes, I'm planning to get a Mac, but for personal use (some essential programs I use aren't compatible with Mac, :( sigh)

  3. Clever post :)

    I have not used Vista - I have heard MANY similar stories. Did you know at the Beijing Olympics they opted for eX-P over Vista... doesn't that say it all?

  4. @robyn- gracias. I've heard of it... it's so hard to leave him.:((


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