XML Superstar Search

Are you an XML (Extensible Markup Language) enthusiast? If so, why won't you join the XML challenge sponsored by IDUG (International DB2 Users Group)?

The competition will include five different contests and each contest has its own set of prizes. Before joining, a participant is required to take a Quick Quiz once, which is a questionnaire that does not require prior XML or database experience to complete.

Since there are five different contests, you can only choose from one of the following:

Video Contest. Join to win 8Gb Ipod Nano by creating a video to be uploaded and to be judged by the community.

Gadget Contest. Showcase your talent to win 80Gb Zune by inventing a gadget leveraging DB2.

Query Contest. In here, you will develop queries using XQuery to answer a series of questions.

Ported App Contest. Challenge competitors to win a new notebook, Wii consoles or iPod nano by developing the best new application utilizing DB2 (Database 2). You can either join alone or with a team. This contest will begin on December 1.

XML Contest. Participate to win 17" Alienware Laptop by building a brand new application using XML, XQuery or DB2. This contest will start on December 1.

Join the IDUG contest now and be the XML Superstar.