What About Filipino

When looking for a job, one has to undergo an interview. During the interview process, the English language is the language being used/spoken, 99% of the time.

Furthermore, most successful professionals (and I meant those people who strived hard to achieve success, not through nepotism or genetics) are fluent and articulate in the English language.

Moreover, almost every job opportunity has "excellent in English communication skills" as one of the job requirements, especially when applying/working in a call center.

What about Filipino? Is the Filipino subject still essential to earn a degree? Is it still "propitious" learning the pandiwa, panghalip, et cetera?

Maybe… or maybe not.

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  1. Unfortunately English is such an essential language these days

  2. We study Filipino because it's our national language and we need to use it correctly when needed but it can never be used as the "language" in businesses or in job industries because it not the language used for international commerce and trade. Especially for a country like ours who still needs to scale the steepness of economic heights.