Filipino Teachers are Leaving

Filipino Teachers are Leaving (Photo: --
Harking back…
Teacher: Class, get 1/4 sheet of paper.
Students: 1/4 ma'am?

Yes, I know. I plead guilty to this "crime" and some teachers find it annoying.

Teaching is a noble profession. There are teachers who are remarkably dedicated. These teachers couldn’t care less about receiving meager salary without bonuses and insufficient payments after sleepless nights while serving during elections.

However, there are also teachers who could not bear this destitution and leave their teaching profession to be domestic helpers abroad, for example. They will endure the pain for family's sake. But we can't blame them, can we?

I surely understand their position. But what about our government?

Therefore, it's only fair for them to be treated with the utmost respect, ergo, should receive a higher salary. Besides, they have significant role in molding the character of every student.

I know it's disheartening, disappointing, depressing… but it's true… if only.

On the other hand, thank you to Ms. Bingkee, the author of I Love-Hate America, for giving me a notably inspiring "gift" from her blog. Thanks a lot.

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