Fun Mystery Games Online for a Good Cause

Solving a mystery in games, movies, books would always involve detectives. Detectives are investigators who are tasked to solve crimes. They need to find those people who may or may not be involved in the crime scene, even those who are no longer living. Every minute piece of evidence will be thoroughly examined. A detective should have a quick insightful thinking.

If you are like me who wants to be a topnotch sleuth, the 5 minute mystery game online is a good start.

Featured on abc news' "Tech bytes," 5 minute mystery has exciting and challenging mysteries to be solved that are published Monday and Friday. As a member, you will have a chance to unravel the suspects by finding the clues and upon submitting your clues and suspect decision, you will earn points. The harder the case, the higher points you will receive, and the better chance to be a topnotch sleuth.

Today's 5 minute mystery story is a "Mystery at The Detective's Office." It is about the missing rent checks. My first guess would be Larry, the detective, because he already lied during his conversation with Joe, the janitor. Besides, he and his brother no longer have money to pay the rent. But Joe, the janitor, can also be the suspect because he has all the keys to the whole building and the first to know about the crime. However, Mr. Jorgensen might have stolen the money even though he always pays his rent in cash; he might be short on cash these days. But the building manager, himself, who knows everything about the rents, might be the culprit.

You need to sign up to solve the mystery and pay $9.95 for a one year subscription. But the payment is for a good cause and that is to help fundraisers raise money without going door-to-door.

Join the 5 minute mystery game and exercise your brain by solving the mysteries.