Winner of Mega Million Lotto

Mega Million Lotto WinnerRead the message? Yes, I won.

If only this weren’t a scam, I would be overjoyed and would fly to wherever I want.

I received this email about two weeks ago (for the second time) and it arrived right on time when I was in dire need of bread.

If only I were ignoramus of technology, I would somehow be bewitched by the inviting mega million lotto notice.

Unfortunately, I didn’t join the Microsoft MSW Mega Jackpot Lotto, so how could I be the winner.

If only it were from the lotto sponsored by the Reader's Digest.

So Susan Lars, make it plausible the next time.

Or maybe... could this be a sign that I might be the winner of the PHP200 million + for PCSO Super Lotto?
Mega Million Lotto Winner by Susan Lars


  1. 419 scams !! I get about 5 emails like this every day. If they were all true I would be richer than Bill Gates !!

  2. hehehe... if only the email said you won 1 million loafs of bread :P

    Nice blog!

  3. I also received emails of these type who are scam. I just ignore this and deleted it immediately.

    Btw, I placed a bet on 6/49 Lotto tonight. Hoping that I will win the Php 370M+ jackpot prize. lol

  4. @Bangkok Blogger and Franklin: true, true :)
    @Vlad: I hope you and I will win, lol. PHP 370M is a lot of money...

    Ty all for dropping by.

  5. Use Gmail and mails like these will never reach your inbox! XD

    Sadly, I know someone in person who was actually fooled by a scam like this. Until now, she's still paying the debt she acquired because of this scam. :(

  6. @Flo: Oh, so unfortunate. :( Ty for dropping by.


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