You've Got Mail

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One way to transmit information or objects is through mail. Nowadays, since the birth of the Internet, people can easily send information through e-mail. But there are people, including me, who still utilize the traditional postal mail system because mails are tangible and well, more personal.

However, the postal system has issues of lost mails, undeliverable mails, and worst, "stolen mails." It is a common problem all over the world wherein there is a widespread of mails being stolen from mailboxes.

With these unique mailboxes of SeattleLux, mail theft will be avoided or stopped through their anti-theft feature. There are thousands of customized mailboxes you can choose from: curbside, wall-mounted, copper or brass, locking, and commercial. But the one I like is the Vandal-Resistant Mailbox, which is one of the strongest and heaviest that will not deform, even be driven over by a trailer truck.

Try them now and beautify and protect your mails through Seattlelux's mailboxes.