Tamayong Prayer Mountain

"Haven for peace and prayer," Sun Star Davao quoted.

"Beautiful and spotlessly clean," a blogger said.

I'll say, "It's next to paradise."

Though I've never been here, but I can already feel the tranquility of the place.

Tamayong Prayer Mountain It's in the Philippines.
I got this photo from my friend's Facebook photo gallery. At first glance, I thought she was in Europe. But NO! This place is in Pinas (Philippines).

Calinan, Davao City Philippines
The Tamayong Prayer Mountain is located in Calinan, Davao City. It's almost an hour away from the city and more than an hour from the Davao International Airport.

Just by staring at this magnificent photo of Tamayong Prayer Mountain, I can tell that this is an appropriate place to be during the Holy Week; a place for soul-searching; a place to unwind; a quiet place to talk to God.

Picturesque Landscape
The first thing I noticed of this place was its picturesque landscape: the combination of colors and the chosen plants—admirable indeed.

Going There
Before planning a trip to Tamayong Prayer Mountain, according to their website (kingdomofjesuschrist.org), a letter of request should be sent to the Central Administrator at the Central Headquarters located at Phil-Japan Friendship Highway, Catitipan, Davao City, Philippines two weeks prior to the scheduled visit.

Since it's a prayer center, proper clothing should be observed. Wearing of rubber slippers is not allowed, ergo, Ipanema is prohibited in this place.

Take Time
So if you still haven't decided where to spend your summer or if you've already made a plan for the coming hot sunny season but no schedule yet for meditation, why not visit this place.

Just for one day, detach yourself from your computer, iPod, iPhone, MacBook, busy lifestyle, noisy streets of the city… and be in a place so quiet that all you can hear is the chirping of the birds, the swooshing of the wind, and your voice talking to God.
Tamayong Prayer Mountain

[Photo from kingdomofjesuschrist.org]


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  2. Digital Polaroids, yes it is. You may want to visit the place, yes? :)

  3. i ganda talaga ng bansa natin..namiss ko tuloy.
    i love philippines and i am one proud filipina.^_^

  4. Meryl,

    I agree. Ty for dropping by.

  5. I have been there.. 4 times already and its stunningly beautiful! ^^

    you can have an elegant dine-in foods for P100.00 and people there is really hospitable, clean and trustworthy.. ^^


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