Up The Movie And Rancho Palos Verdes Experience

UP movie
During the Kadayawan culmination day, Rey Winston, his girl friend (or girlfriend?) and I went out to watch the movie UP courtesy of '2+1'. I never thought UP would be remarkable that I learned two important lessons from this film-- perseverance and sacrifice.

If you have a dream, you have to take that dream out of the drawing board and make it a reality. However, reaching your dream may not be that easy. There are obstacles you have to defeat. And sometimes, those obstacles are intentionally given to remind you that your goal may not bring you complete happiness. And those obstacles are a way for you to reach your true happiness in life. You may sacrifice your dream but you know it's worth it.

After seeing that heartwarming film, we ate at Blue Carabao, Davao City branch. It's a 'maka-masa' eatery—you know the type of place where you may catch HC. And after eating hinalang without spice, squid adobo and lechon kawali, we headed to Rancho Palos Verdes Country Club, Diversion Road, Davao City (near Crocodile Park). That trip was unplanned, though.

It's a sports and country club with PHP 80,000+ annual membership fee.

To go there, you should have a car. If you do not have an automobile, then you might want to consider shedding those pounds by walking approximately 1 km from the Diversion Road entrance before reaching Rancho Palos Verdes.

Anyway, the place has a 3-ft deep swimming pool with a beach-like landscape on one side. They also have courtsides for badminton, table tennis, basketball and a lot more. But I did not see a tennis court—too bad.

But it was a quiet place when we got there. Only few people managed to eat at their poolside restaurant.

If Rancho Palos Verdes Country Club would only reconsider making their annual membership fee affordable, then I would immediately apply to become an exclusive member.

Well, after using their ***, we left. Thankfully, Rey managed to drive us home before the downpour.

On the other hand, I would like to thank these people for frequently dropping EC on my blog, even though I rarely reciprocate the gesture. They may not be reading my posts, but their visits are highly appreciated. You might want to check out my Top 10 Entrecard droppers at this page => Token Of Gratitude.

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  1. Mmmm. Wong has a girl-friend? Cool... I should bug him about that... hehehe

    Hopefully I'll be able to watch UP before they pull it from the theatres.

  2. Hello Xtian,

    Hmmmm, I don't think UP is still in theaters. :D


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