Career Advantage With Gillette-- Get Ahead Of The Game

Career Advantage Gillette
Perhaps, you just graduated from college and are now looking for a job that would satisfy your needs. You are probably looking for information about how to write a resume that would impress future employer. You are almost there, ready to catch your dream but you forgot something—how to dress up for a career advantage.

Grooming may seem unnecessary to some individuals. However, according to a recent survey commissioned by Gillette and conducted by Harris Interactive, 84% or 420 out of 500 HR professionals are of the same mind that well-groomed employees are more likely to achieve success than those who are not well-groomed.

Furthermore, the survey showed that 99% of HR professionals find proper grooming as more important than firm handshake. In order to fortify the findings of the said survey, Gillette collaborated with Mark Jeffries, a career expert, and Brett Fahlgren, GQ style correspondent, to provide expert advice for men who want to land in the job (well-compensated) that they want and for guys who want to get ahead in their current careers.

Job seekers and professionals may now review expert advice of Mark and Brett and read the Hire Guide to know what is really in the minds of HR professionals. Gillette Career Advantage provides Gillette Career Quiz that you can take to evaluate your potential.

You may visit Gillette Career Advantage to use the tools, information and advice given to help you achieve what you desire. You can also review the findings of the survey and press release and get hold of the grooming and career expert advice at Gillette Resource Center.