Bigby’s Food Trip Platter: Belly Buster

Bigby's Food Trip Platter: Belly Buster

Or I may call it, a platter that would bust someone’s belly, my belly. With its juicy, mouthwatering half rack grilled baby back ribs, I could not put my gastronomical appetite to a halt.

This belly buster’s platter will induce more cravings while eating the 2 big pieces of rodeo chops plus a block of smoky pork belly.

The Belly Buster of Bigby’s Food Trip Platter would not be complete without its garlic rice. The stony Baguio beans and the palatable few pieces of cooked sweet corn seeds were prepared with butter which balanced everything in the platter.

The downside of this delightful Bigby’s Food Trip Platter called Belly Buster is its onion rings. I eat onion but only when it’s minced. I thought it was Calamares, one of the most famous dishes in the Philippines. So, to avoid devouring the pungent taste of onion, I sliced the ring to reveal the onion and removed it. In other words, I ate the onion rings without the onion. It had a smack of baking powder.

Belly Buster Of Bigby’s Food Trip Platter is good for two to three people with small appetite. But this meal is designed and prepared for one person with a BIG APPETITE, the management says.

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