Onions are Poisonous to Pets—Are They Really?

According to Yahoo's article last month, all forms of onions are considered poisonous to pets. They cause gastrointestinal irritation and red blood cell damage. After reading such, I applied it, immediately. Not as an experiment, but to actually poison those stray cats which utilize our lawn as their "toilet."

So, I fed them with concoction of raw minced onions and rice every day for about a week. I waited for days, weeks, and almost a month, but those cats are still alive and showed no signs of irritation in their digestive system and damage to their red blood cells. They still love to visit our front lawn and stay there for a couple of minutes just to defecate and urinate and leave us with obnoxious smell. I hate those cats.

I, therefore, conclude that onions are not really poisonous to cats contrary to the information presented in that article.

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  1. OMG what an experiment! I hate those stinky cats too! Did you try with some spray that claims to drive away cats and dogs?

  2. Hello anadrol,

    Is there a spray that drives away cats? That's new to me. If I see one, I'll buy it. Thanks for the info.

    Ty for visiting.


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