Compact Refrigerator: What to Look for When Buying Small Fridge

I am planning to buy compact refrigerator for my PB products. According to experts, when looking for a small fridge, I need to consider the things that I will be storing in this appliance. Since I value freezer space, I need to scout for a compact refrigerator that has a top freezer that occupies the entire width of the fridge. So far, I have not seen anything that satisfies my needs. Sighs.

It is also essential to look for a compact refrigerator with the Energy Star label. I visited different appliance centers in Davao City and almost all small fridges available have such label attached to each of them.

Apart from that, experts also recommend to evaluate the budget when purchasing compact refrigerator. Based on the prices I have gathered, I need to save more so I can buy such appliance. Sheesh.

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