Growing Sunflower: Day 1 to Day 7

I have this unexplainable fascination with sunflower. So, I bought sunflower seeds from Yates and plant those seeds in a flower pot. According to the instruction, we can replant it to a new place after two weeks or until it reaches 50 cm. So far, 9 out of 10 seeds did grow. Now, I am trying to protect them from the beaks of the birds that look for food.

 sunflower day 1
 sunflower day 3
 sunflower day 4
 sunflower day 6
sunflower 7


  1. What kind of soil is right for sunflowers? :)

  2. where's Yates located? I want to plant sunflower too but don't know where to get the seeds for planting.

  3. how often do you water your sunflower seeds? :) thank you!