LG Optimus 7: The Optimum Phone Option

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG. All opinions are 100% mine.

I own a Nokia smartphone but I am planning to switch to LG Optimus 7. Why? Here are the reasons:

Recently, LG has teamed up with Microsoft to develop a smartphone which is powered by Windows 7. With this partnership, users can delight in the cool applications provided by the new smartphone-- LG Optimus 7.

One of the key features of LG Optimus 7 is its ability to share, directly, multimedia files, such as pictures, video and music without accessing other menus.

Another great benefit of owning LG Optimus 7 is the phone’s ability to connect to a speaker without using any wires. That means, users can display videos and photos stored in this phone directly to any speakers.

The ScanSearch of LG Optimus 7 is also useful when one needs to retrieve real-time information about the weather condition, banking, dining, as well as the entertainment scene-- “How did Prince William propose to Kate Middleton?”

I also like the phone’s Voice-to-Text communication feature. With this feature, I do not have to type in “I am hungry” to update my Facebook status, for instance. My voice will be automatically converted to text. Is it not fantastic?

Its 720p HD video resolution is also astounding. It allows users to record and playback videos in stunning visual quality.

And that is not all. LG Optimus 7 is equipped with 5MP camera and built with technological enhancements allowing users to capture a photo without the need to adjust the settings of the camera. Plus, its Panoramic Mode enables users to stitch together a 360-degree landscape scene.

Then, its 1500mAh removable battery can withstand hours of Internet browsing, talking on the phone, e-book reading, or even game playing.

With these capabilities, I can say that LG Optimus 7 is the real smartphone.
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