Dental Braces: To Wear or Not to Wear

I wore dental braces for more than four years. I needed those brackets to remedy my underbite and crooked teeth. These problems of mine had been an issue since childhood. I already wore retainers when I was in primary school. But the same problem came back years after I stopped wearing retainers.

Based on my research, dental braces are abhorred by the majority of Americans. But the case is different in the Philippines. Some of the people here think that if you are wearing braces, you are rich. You cannot blame them as those “metals” are really expensive. Nonetheless, they still do anything just to have dental braces cemented on their teeth, though they don’t necessarily need them (worse could not afford them). After all, people would consider them as individuals belonging to the affluent society once they show their teeth with metals.

But according to my orthodontist, people who don’t need dental braces but insist on wearing them would face many serious dental problems, sooner or later.

Thankfully, I’m done with the pain, especially the canker sore. But one thing I noticed though, my teeth became whiter after my orthodontist removed those metals.

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  1. Dental braces are a status symbol here in the Phils.

  2. Once the growth phase is over, then one needs to work with a permanent brace since the force needed to move the tooth must be applied to it all the time.


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