Moneybookers: How to Verify Account?

UPDATE: Not recommended. 

At first, I was reluctant to use Moneybookers (MB), an online payment and money transfer service like PayPal, because of the many negative comments I have read about it. But because of its lower receiving fees, I gave it a try.

Like PayPal, signing up for Moneybookers is free.

Identity verification through credit/debit card
Unlike PayPal, there are three methods of verifying an account in MoneyBookers. One of these is the use of a credit/debit card. But this was very inconvenient for me. Why?

After I registered my EON account as credit/debit, MB debited a random amount from such account. The said amount is in dollar currency and it should be entered into the verification page of MB in order to verify my credit/debit card. Since my EON is not a dollar’s account, I did not have a way to determine the exact debited amount in dollars. I tried to compute it manually using the exchange rates at that time, but to no avail.

I emailed its customer support by uploading a snipped image of my statement of account displaying the debited amount in pesos. Unfortunately, after 48 hours of waiting, Moneybookers was not able to verify my account manually using said uploaded document as the card number was not displayed.

The online statement of my EON does not show the card number in any instances. Thus, I just scanned my EON card and uploaded it along with the snipped image of my statement of account. After a day, Moneybookers verified my EON account.

Identity verification through postal address
Another way of verifying Moneybookers account is the use of postal address verification method. In here, MB sent a postal mail, which contains a verification code, to the address I used in MB. Upon receipt, I should enter such code in order to verify my address.

Moneybookers advised to wait up to 5 days before said mail arrives. Unfortunately for me, I was not able to receive it. So, after the 5-day period ended, I emailed MB regarding this concern. They emailed me back in less than 24 hours. They asked me to send a recent paper document that has my name and address on it. I uploaded the scanned photo of the only utility bill that showed my name and address.

Luckily, Moneybookers accepted it and verified my postal address.

Identity verification using bank account
This is another method of verifying Moneybookers account. Sadly, I was not able to try such method since MB does not support verifying bank account in the Philippines.

Generally, the verification methods of Moneybookers are a bit tricky and inconvenient. However, I understand its main purposes -- to protect its Moneybookers users and to prevent its system from being used as a processor for money laundering.

If you want to sign up for Moneybookers, you may visit and register at: Moneybookers 

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  1. Hi! I had similar difficulties with MB:
    -- the address verification letter never arrived
    -- credit card verification
    Moneybookers (now skrill) expected me to enter the debited amount in EUROs, whilc my account (SMART Money) was debited in Pesos..

    solution: on the same day that MB had debited my SMART Money card I managed to debit it with exactly 1 EURO by sending 1 EURO to a friend with Paypal account!

    So on my SMART cell phone I got a msg on how much my SMART Money card was debited for 1 EUR (57.14 pesos), now I was able to calculate the currency exchange rate and successfully entered the correct EURO amount into skrill (1,58 EUR in my case for a debited 90.29 pesos)

    this should work for anyone having an paypal and an activated SMART Money card (dont forget to unlock it for internet purchases immediately b4 u start the debiting transactions)

    otherwise it is nearly impossible to find the correct currency exchange rate that apllies to the very day that skrill debits ur credit card..

    hope that helps u folks..

  2. Isn't it that the EON account should be added in the bank account and not in the debit/credit part?

  3. Useful information. Thanks. :-)

  4. hey men i'm afraid to verify my moneybookers ..... baka mapareyo sa paypal he charge my money in credit card then he cannot verify me i'm so sad .... and tired ..... where u get a postal address ??? pls reply me or e-mail me ===


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