Kindle of Amazon -- I Want

I want Amazon’s Kindle...

- After reading a few pages of an e-book, my eyes hurt and I need to apply Genteal. But Kindle prevents eye strain as it allows reading like real paper. 

- The fonts of Kindle are clear and sharp. 

- I can read my favorite e-books easily under bright sunlight as Kindle’s screen does not reflect light. 

- I do not have to charge it every now and then as Kindle offers longer battery life and does not get warm. 

- I can read e-book through Kindle before bedtime as it does not affect sleep.

… but I am still waiting for my Google Adsense Payment to purchase Kindle... Sigh...

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  1. I have the Next Gen Kindle (6") and LOVE it!! Let us know when you get it and how you like it after you use it a bit!


  2. I love my Kindle. Easy to read, and it helped me clear up my bookshelves.


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