Google Pays Me $$$

In the past few days, I have been seeing ads about “Google Pays Me $$$ for...” 

I almost believed it, but when I read the terms, I realized it was a scam. Google or any other companies do not have the guts to give individuals free money. Still, I wish Google will pay me $100 a day by simply using its search engine. 


  1. I know.
    First, Google actually PENALIZES site that contain bogus backlinks, and
    Second, if a person were really able to make money like that, WHY in the World would they be advertising it, and
    Third, Why would they be screwing around with blogging, etc.?

  2. Additionally problematic is that they're using images in these ads without permission. That is my image in that ad you have taken a screen shot of, the image was taken from my Flickr stream (see link below). Moreover, I'm portrayed on the image, and I certainly would not have agreed to being portrayed in an ad of this sort.


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