Survival Kit

After what happened to us almost two weeks ago, I learned that being complacent will not produce any positive result. So, to always be ready for any disaster that may happen, again, to us in the future, I am preparing an easy-to-grab bag (survival kit) that will contain the following items:

Important documents
Torch (flashlight) and spare batteries
Mobile phone
Warm clothing and blankets
My medicine
Food (chocolates or other high calorie food)
First Aid supplies
Some personal stuff
… (what else?)

Although I already have that easy-to-grab survival kit/bag, I am looking for a bag here in DC that looks like this:
Timbuk2 Wingman Travel Duffel from

Timbuk2 Wingman Travel Duffel from


  1. personally I always make sure that I also have a zippo windproof lighter in my bag, for easy fire starter to keep me warm or to heat a bit of food.


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