Mini Cooper Versus Suzuki Swift: Is Suzuki Swift a Copycat of Mini Cooper?

At first glance, I thought it was a Mini-Cooper but with 4 doors. It is actually a Swift car sedan made by Suzuki.
(Photo from

I have seen plenty of Suzuki Swift roaming around the city and when I see one, I always ask myself, “Is this a copycat of Mini Cooper?” If you try to compare the two, you will really see a lot of similarities (exterior).

Most of the Suzuki Swift cars here in DC are automatic transmission. I am not sure if it is turbo or not, but I think it gives a driver great speed. My own “Mini” is not turbocharged, yet I could overtake with enough speed.

The Suzuki Swift used cars in DC have price tags of PHP250k to PHP 500k while Mini-Cooper (original) second-hand cars are available in not less than PHP1M.  

So, is Suzuki Swift a copycat of Mini-Cooper? I think so. But I like Mini more than Swift.

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