The Philippines and Its Fruits: Some of the Tropical Fruits of the Country

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The Philippines is rich in natural resources. Apart from landscapes and forests, this country is also abundant in tropical fruits. You may be able to purchase them in the USA or in European countries. But the taste is different because those fruits are at their best when grown in a tropical country, like the Philippines.

Here are some of the tropical fruits found in the Philippines:

Bananas. There are many varieties of bananas (saguing) that you can find in this country. My favorite is “tundan.” However, this variety is not exportable because foreigners simply abhore it. Why? Well, they say that it can cause constipation. But I beg to disagree. In our farm, we grow three (or four?) varieties of bananas, namely “lacatan,” “sab-a,” and “tundan.” Sab-a is commonly used for cooking. For instance, it can be added to tinolang manok (chicken ginger stew). 

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Durian. In the Philippines, it is described as the king of all tropical fruits. It is rich in protein and fats. I do not like durian fruit but most of my countrymen are fond of eating it. They say it is worth the money! I doubt it. But I do eat candies made of durian. 
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Mango. This tropical fruit is high in sugar and rich in vitamins A, C and D. In the Philippines, it is called the most majestic of all Philippine fruits. It can be eaten unripe or ripened. I usually prefer the former, especially when it is dipped in bagoong. 

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Mangosteen. This is one of the most expensive fruits in the Philippines, especially during off season. It has a sweet-acid taste that melts in the mouth. Its thick skin has medicinal value and being used in various herbal supplements, like MX3.

Papaya. I eat it almost everyday because of its high-fiber content. Apart from fiber, it is also rich in vitamins A and C. This is easy to grow. We actually had papaya tree in our front yard until it was destroyed by the previous flood.

Rambutan. Just the thought of rambutant makes me drool over. Its taste is soft and sweet. Its size is as big as a hen’s egg. The demand of this fruit in the Philippines and overseas is high. This is probably the reason it is rarely found on the market these days. This is also one of my favorite fruits. I can eat two kilos of rambutan in just one sitting and will always ask for more.

Santol. When unripe, the taste is very sour that lets you show a sour face. This fruit is used to make marmalade and is one of the fruits in the Philippines that is being exported. The best way to eat it is to have it with some salt and vinegar. 

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Well, these are just some of the tropical fruits widely available in the Philippines. They are easily grown and they offer essential vitamins.

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