Barnes and Noble Nook: Its Features and Capacities

Barnes and Noble works like but it offers books that are not available at the latter. And if Amazon has Kindle, Barnes and Noble has Nook. Its first edition had several issues. But the company has revamped it and offered a newly improved eBook reader.

Although it has improvements from its first edition, can it outdo Amazon’s kindle?

Its features:

Reads in sunlight
Connects using Wi-Fi
Stores 1500 eBooks and has more than 1 million titles available
Has built-in infrared touch technology

Another great feature of this eBook reader is its long battery life. It can stay up to 2 months from a single charge.

Appearance. The overall appearance of Barnes and Noble is impressive. It is lighter than its first edition. Because it is lightweight, you can easily hold it using one hand. The display is crisp and clear. The print is lighter than on Amazon’s Kindle. However, the difference is not that significant. Turning pages is not difficult as the screen refreshes quickly.

Navigation. This device is easy to navigate. One of the best things about this device is that it does not allow smudge marks on the screen.

Share and Share alike. This is a great feature of this device that allows you to lend certain books for 14 days to your friends who are also using Barnes and Noble Nook. But not all books can be lent. It depends if the publishers allow it.

Storage. The internal storage of 2GB is reasonable as it can hold up to 1500 books. But you can expand that capacity through its MicroSD expansion slot. But I think the built-in storage capacity is already enough for me.

Would you opt for this device or stick with Amazon Kindle?

It really depends on your personal preferences. As for me, I would still go with Kindle. How about you? Which would you prefer?

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