Celebrity Apprentice: What Can You Learn from Watching this Show?

Celebrity apprentice is not my favorite show. I have only seen one episode of it. But there are many things that can be learned from this show. Those lessons can greatly affect your work or your business.

Treat your colleagues or clients the way you want them to treat you. In the Celebrity Apprentice, you will be judged for your actions. It is also the same in your workplace. Your performance will be evaluated by your employer or your colleagues. If you are running a business, the overall performance of your company is judged by your clients. In order to keep your job or your business, you have to treat others the way you want them to treat you.

Be competent. If you watch Celebrity Apprentice, you will surely realize that it is not enough to be famous in your workplace. People may respect you for who and what you are but you also need to show your boss or clients that you are competent in dealing with the tasks being assigned to you. In other words, you have to present a strong competency while working.

Have a strong network of friends. It is also shown in the Celebrity Apprentice that a celebrity with the most number of friends would usually win. That means, your network of friends may be useful enough to help you move to the ladder.

Set up a high goal. Setting up a high goal is also demonstrated in the Celebrity Apprentice. In a workplace, it is important to have a big goal and a deadline to help the team create a sense of urgency. It allows team members to work hard and be creative in order to get the job done.

Learn to deal with people you do not like. Those celebrities in the Celebrity Apprentice show do not have to pick who they want to work with. They to accept everyone regardless of who and what they are. In your workplace, you do not need to make friends with everyone. However, it is important that you work together so that your team can accomplish the goal you have set up.

Celebrity Apprentice may not be the most liked show here in the Philippines but there are lessons that can be learned  just by watching it.