Google Calendar: Impressive Uses of Google Calendar

Google calendar is not only used to schedule an important event in your life but it can also be used to help you remember to write your next post. In addition to that, this online tool is also useful in helping you remember what topic you wanted to discuss on that specific day.

Have an account. If you are planning to utilize this tool to schedule your next blog posts, you should have an account with Google calendar or add your Gmail account to it.

Set up a calendar. Then, set up a calendar intended for your blogging activities. Choose a topic that you intend to write on certain day. Remember to write new topic each day. If your  niche is about computers, you can write tips on how to make back ups, how to avoid identity theft and other topics related to computers that are relevant to your visitors or readers.

Repeat events. One of the great things about Google Calendar is that you can repeat the events every week. In that way, you will have blogging activities scheduled for the rest of the year.

Use reminder function. To help you remind about an individual event, you can use the reminder function found at the bottom of the event screen. By activating it, you will receive an email or a pop up reminder informing you of the scheduled event.

Google Calendar is such a useful tool for a blogger like me who tends to forget what topic to discuss on a certain day. By using this tool, I can now remember to write blog posts each day.

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