Mom To Be: Gifts to Give on a Baby Shower

There are many items that you could choose from to give a mom to be a special gift for her baby shower. You can opt for the same old selection of baby shower gifts. But if you want new ways to excite someone who is expecting a baby, then you may find the following new ideas useful.

Body shaper. Yes, the party is supposed to be about the impending birth but you should not forget to pamper the mom to be. You can gift her a body shaper. This does not only address how her fat belly is going to appear after she gives birth but it can also in alleviating her aching back right now. You should choose the one that is specifically designed for supporting pregnancy.

Hamper. Your mom to be recipient will surely appreciate a gift basket filled with baby shampoo, diaper bag, talcum powder and other items useful for taking care of her baby. A gift basket does not only look good but it also makes your gift functional.

Frame. Gifting a friend, who is expecting, a personalized gift during her baby shower will mean a lot to her. Why not give her an engraved picture frame plus a scrapbook with blank spots. She could use it to save her photos about her baby after giving birth. You can take pictures from the shower party and place them all in a beautiful box. This is ideal for recipients who already have everything they need.

Pregnancy pillow. This is also an ideal gift for expecting mothers. It provides the soon-to-be mom a pillow that allows her to get a good night’s sleep despite the discomfort she suffers. With this, she could regain her strength enabling her to face the rest of the day.

When thinking of gifts for mom to be, you need to be creative. Combine old and new ideas to spark a moment. If I were your recipient, I would prefer the last gift idea mentioned above. 

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